Carolyn Hill


My name is Carolyn Hill, and I teach writing and public speaking at the University of California, Berkeley, where I received a doctorate in rhetoric with an emphasis in folklore. As much as I enjoy teaching, I enjoy writing even more. I wrote my first science fiction novel in 1986 (an oddly heartfelt story about alien rats), and I’ve been writing ever since.  When I’m not teaching or writing, I’m heaving heavy objects into the air above my head.

This blog, Frog Fork Tales, supports Spencer Farthing’s Frog Fork: A Series of Extremely Short Novels, which includes the following titles.

Frog Fork
More Frog Fork
Yet More Frog Fork
What, Frog Fork?
I Am Not Frog Fork
I Am Frog Fork
We Are Frog Fork
This One Isn’t Titled Frog Fork

Spencer is featured in Eyes on the Mountain, the SFF novel I am currently working on.  For information about Eyes on the Mountain, including daily posts during the process of writing the novel, please see my own blog at carolynhill.com .


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